Tim Hinton

Artist Tim Hinton was born in Chicago, but spent most of his childhood in Orlando, FL.  Hinton, primarily self-taught, studied at the University of Maryland and the Corcoran College of Art & Design at George Washington University. He is proficient in watercolor, oil, acrylic, and mixed media and his art spans several styles, including abstracts, realism, landscapes, and portraits. Hinton also studied fine art print making, including stone lithography and intaglio in the Netherlands, where he currently resides.


Following high school, Hinton enlisted in the US Marine Corps and served in Viet Nam where he was wounded in action, received two purple hearts, and was honorably discharged. Hinton worked in various positions, including being an illustrator with the Naval Ship Engineering Center, senior illustrator for an advertising, and as Division Director for the Department of Graphic Design in the UD General Services Administration.


In 1979-80, the Washington Bar Association selected Hinton as Artist of the Year and commissioned him to do a mural at Howard University.  Hinton also was also selected to design the official poster for the signing of the Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday Legislation at the white House in 1983.  That poster was ultimately displayed in every U.S. State Capital.


In addition to painting, Hinton also teaches art classes and periodically does architectural renderings and medical illustrations for corporate clients. Hinton has also illustrated a couple of children’s books and his art has been used in several publications including Architectural Digest, Museum & Arts, The Washington Post, Southwestern Art, and American Indian Art to name a few.


Since 1973, his art has been professionally recognized and exhibited internationally in galleries, art expos, and museums including the Museum of African Art, The Pentagon, The Kennedy Center, and The Smithsonian Ancostia Museum. Private collectors include Larry Holmes, Judge Glenda Hatchett, and the late Muhammad Ali.

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